Date : 10-07-20 14:20
Peter K. Cho, CEO of Actus, has presented "Clock Synchronization for Packet based Wireless Backhaul" at PTN2010.
 Writer : Actus Networks
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   PTN 2010 Clock Sync for WBH V2.pdf (1.3M) [71] DATE : 2010-07-20 14:20:07
Peter K. Cho has joined the "Packet Transport Network 2010" event which is sponsored by the Institute of Electronics Engineering of Korea" during June 16 and 17. He works as a panelist and makes a presentation with a topic of “Clock Synchronization for Packet based Wireless Backhaul". The presentation covers the hybrid way of IEEE 1588 and Synchronous Ethernet for the frequency and phase synchronization of FDD and TDD mobile networks. Today’s mobile networks require the frequency synchronization but also phase locking. Typically the phase lock can be accomplished by GPS. But GPS solution is expensive and limited in the indoor use. IEEE 1588 v2 now can meet the requirement of phase lock accuracy such as +/- 3msec required by the mobile networks. In other hand, the frequency synchronization needs more high level accuracy such as 50 ppb(parts per billion). To meet that accurate clock, IEEE 1588 v2 and Synchronous Ethernet technologies can be used. The synchronous Ethernet can make the same level of accuracy of SONET since it is based on hardware level but IEEE 1588 v2 is impacted by the packet networks impairment. To acquire the best quality of frequency synchronization, those two technologies can be used as hybrid mode. Actus provides the hybrid mode of clock synchronization to provide the best quality of accuracy.