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Press Release: Actus Networks Debuts G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection for Carrier Ethernet
 Writer : Actus Networks
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SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Actus Networks, a global leading supplier of carrier Ethernet access platforms and mobile backhaul solutions, today debuted an access ring Ethernet protection solution compliant to G.8032 Recommendation version 1 and version 2, where the latter is scheduled for consent in October, 2009.

In collaboration with ETRI, an R&D subsidy of the Korean government, and KAIST, a globally renowned research university of Korea, Actus Networks has been actively contributing to the development and standardization of G.8032/Y.1334 at ITU-T. Moreover, Actus Networks developed the implementation of G.8032 based on the core engine developed by ETRI. Actus Networks is now unveiling G.8032 Version 1 and Pre-version 2 solutions provided with its G200 and G300 carrier Ethernet access platform products or a developer's reference design kit with source licensing.

Dr Ghani Abbas, the ITU-T Q9/15 rapporteur for G.8032, stated, "Switching to service convergence by carrier Ethernet from the legacy SONET/SDH is an avoidable mega-trend in the telecommunications market. The G.8032 Recommendation provides the key solution for 50 ms protection switching for packet transport in a ring network. We already hear a broad acceptance of this new technology among major operators."

In comparison with the IEEE802.17 Resilient Packet Ring Standard, G.8032 solution provides features with the following benefits:

-- 50 ms protection switching using generic standards of IEEE802.1 and IEEE802.3
-- Flexible topology with a single ring and interconnected multi-rings
-- Broad applications for access, metro, and core networks
-- All Ethernet Speed (1/10/40/100GbE MAC)
-- Multiple Ethernet Services
-- Client-server agnostics
-- OPEX and CAPEX savings

Actus's successful implementation of G.8032 in its G200 and G300 products opens a new market window of PBB-TE, OAM (802.3ah, 802.1ag, Y.1731), MEF E-LINE and E-LAN, and PWE3 services on mobile backhaul and access rings.

"The Carrier Ethernet technologies have significantly advanced in the past years. Now by adding Ethernet Ring Protection, Ethernet become the solid solution to fit the requirements of convergence from SONET/SDH/PDH to true packet transport networks," said Mr. Peter K. Cho, CEO of Actus Networks. "G200 and G300 provide ideal solutions for multi-service access platforms by integrating Ethernet Ring Protection and achieving carrier grade reliability and serviceability."

Actus Networks will be at the ITU Telecom World 2009 at booth #5040 and SuperComm 2009 at booth #3329 for a demonstration of the G.8032 solution together with circuit emulations at G200 and G300 products.

About Actus Networks Inc.

Established in 2005, Actus Networks provides Carrier Ethernet Access solutions to deliver cost-effective Metro Ethernet Service and wireless backhaul gateways for leading TEMs. Actus' Ganesh product line allows true network convergence by providing legacy SONET/SDH/PDH and latest Carrier Ethernet Access technologies like PBT/PBB-TE, L2/L3 Switch/router, MPLS, MPLS-TP, OAM, E-LINE/E-LAN services, Ethernet Ring Protection and Circuit Emulation. Actus is based in Seoul, Korea.

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About ETRI

ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), Since its foundation in 1976, has played a central role in helping Korea become the world's most advanced information and communication powerhouse as the country's largest government-funded research institute specializing in information and communications technology. Through the years, ETRI has developed the "Electronic Telephone Switch(TDX)" to pave the way for the one-phone, one-household era, "4M/16M/64M DRAM" to revolutionize memory semiconductors, commercialization of "the Digital Mobile Telecommunications System(CDMA)" to lay down the foundation for Korea's emergence as a mobile phone powerhouse, "Digital Multimedia Broadcasting(terrestrial DMB) technology" to institutionalize the "TV in my hand" culture, "WiBro technology" for mobile Internet, and "NoLA technology" as the 4th-generation mobile data transfer system.

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