Date : 09-09-01 09:29
08 / Jun : Actus adds a Chief Strategy Officer.
 Writer : Actus Networks
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16 June, 2008. Actus adds a Chief Strategy Officer.

Actus has appointed Dr. Kevin Rhee as the new CSO.

Dr. Rhee is has over 20 years of experiences in telecommunication engineering and related areas including his graduate studies.

In the early stage of his career,
he had created major impacts on optical communications
including the first demonstration of the R-OADM concept,
which became one of few de-facto standard designs,
the first introduction of DPSK optical data transmission in WDM systems,
the first demonstration of WDM optical protection switching network,
the most efficient ultralong-haul transmission design rule, etc.

Many of his published technical articles are cited by other researchers more than 500 times world-wide.

In the recent years, he has been one of the key contributors at ITU-T SG13 and SG15 working parties,
especially on G.8032 ERP technology.

He is a graduate from Seoul National University with B.E and M.S.
and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with Ph.D.

He had been affiliated with Princeton University (US),
NEC Research Institute (US), Corning Inc. (US),
and Samsung Electronics Co. (Korea), prior to joining ICU.